Omegle and You!

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Remember when your mother told you to never talk to strangers? Throw that narrow-minded crap out the window and immediately log onto Omegle!

Creating Stranger Danger since 2009

Creating stranger danger since 2009

Launched this past March by a lonely 18-year-old from England, Omegle randomly pairs up users for a one-on-one chat.  I’m sure the idea was originally paved with good intentions of bringing two people in a safe chat scenario that would never normally talk to one another.

People I'm probably talking to

Omegle does successfully bring back that thrill of the chat room.  I felt like I was back in 1995 using my Dad’s Compuserve account on a dial-up network at 2am in the morning.  The first time I logged on, I have to admit it was a bit of a rush.

Who I believe I'm talking to

Since then, I’ve noticed that using Omegle to have real conversations with people is FAR less interesting than using it as an exercise in flow writing and improv.  The best way to utilize this idea is to start a conversation and write the very first sentence that pops into your head. Here’s an example:

Quick on the uptake, but loses points for thinking I was talking about football. Stranger Grade: B

Similar to stage improv, asking crazy and nonsensical questions of your stranger is a good way to string them along.  It’s also the best way to avoid the A/S/L question as I’m not looking for a connection. You can generally tell within the first response whether or not you’ve hooked up with a good sport.

Got the joke and ran with it. Bonus points for disconnecting mid sentence. Stranger Grade: A

Got the joke and ran with it. Bonus points for ending the convo mid word. Stranger Grade: A

Thanks Omegle for making it easy and accessible to mess around with people’s heads!




  1. Marta said,


    Ahem, I love the person in the collage with the EC shirt. 😉

    Don’t we all wish we were talking to Christian? Le sigh. Though, I’d hope he wouldn’t suddenly go off on me in a fit of swearing rage. That might make me not love him anymore. Might.

    You know who I wish I was talking to, heh.

    And did you really have those convos? Or did you get Chris to do your dirty work for you?

    • morphiaflow said,

      Excuse me, but I do all my own dirty work. 😉 Yes those conversations happened. I’m going to start saving them, because I’ve had some dooseys that are lost to world.

  2. morphiaflow said,

    Duly inspired by me (it’s hard not to be) my friend Eugene sent in this amazing conversation he had:

    You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: hello
    You: hello
    Stranger: asl?
    You: stop fartin’ around. let’s talk politics!!
    Stranger: okay?
    You: you go first.
    You: how do you feel about healthcare reform?
    Stranger: its shite
    Stranger: wbu?
    You: well said!
    Stranger: thanks ^^
    You: how about airport security?
    Stranger: erm, could do better
    Stranger: wbu?
    You: 3D scanners invade my privacy!
    You: But so do bombs when they explode in my pants.
    You: so
    You: I guess I’ll take the loss on that one.
    Stranger: :L
    You: Your turn.
    Stranger: erm…
    Stranger: barako bamma?
    You: God bless ‘im! Homeboy is to America what Super Mario is to the Princess!
    Stranger: okay
    Stranger: what age are you btw?
    You: I’m old as hell.
    Stranger: how old D:?
    You: What does it matter? We’re just talking politics!
    Stranger: i wanna know, or we wont talk politics
    You: Hmmm. You drive a hard bargain, my friend.
    Stranger: i know ^^
    Stranger: so what age are you?
    You: Old enough. Peace out!
    You have disconnected.

  3. Jackie said,

    Phenomenal in all ways.
    I think I need to meet this Eugene. He routinely amuses me on your Facebook.

    As for that conversation with Christian Bale, all I have to say is GOOOOOOOD FOR YOUUUUUUUU!

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